Local Birding

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Did you know one of the premier birding sights in the world is the stretch of marshy Texas coast near Port O’Connor? The main attraction is The Whopping Crane! And birders from around the world journey here at a chance to see this wonderful species from mid October to mid April.

At nearly five feet in height, the stately Whopping Crane is the tallest bird found in North America. With a seven-foot wingspan, they migrate south each October from Canada down to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuse. Only miles from the charms of historic Port O’Connor, the impressive wildlife refuge consists of approximately 70,504 acres of marshes and salt flats.

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge has the perfect view for birding, With long causeways and a 40-foot observation tower equipped with high-power spotting scores, birders get some of the very best views for these migratory birds. With no available lodging or camping at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, many visitors choose to stay in POC, just miles down 1781.

Sundown Island

Right off the Intracoastal water way and east of Port O’Connor is where Sundown Island can be found. Since 1962, Sundown Island has offered visitors a wonderful bird watching locale. Specifically, Sundown Island Sanctuary, also known as Bird Island, provides a seventy-acre island located east of Port O’Connor. The island is the nesting home to thousands of birds, from Laughing Gulls to White Ibis to Great Blue Herons. Even 1,200 pair of endangered Brown Pelicans call this low-lying island home. For a complete list of birds, maps and contact details, sundownisland.org.