Sea Turtle
Endangered Species in Port O’Connor

Here’s an interesting fact: Matagorda Island, only minutes from Port O’Connor, has 19 different threatened or endangered species living or nesting on the island from time to time. From peregrine and brown falcons to the Ridley sea turtles and Texas horned lizards.

Sea turtles nest on Texas beaches from early April to mid-June, and Matagorda island is a great place to spot them, without disturbing their nest.

The Texas horned lizard, popularly called the “horny toad” or “horned frog” is really neither – but actually a lizard. This popular species can grow up to 6 inches long and has the unique ability to spray blood five feet from its eyes to confuse and repel would-be-predators.

Peregrine Falcons were almost extinct in the 1970s because of pesticides. But now the beautiful bird of prey is making a slow comeback. Every April and May, these falcons rest and feed before flying further south along the coast.

Additional animals found on Matagorda island include: American alligators, leopard frogs, white-tailed deer, coyotes, raccoons, badgers and jackrabbits. And just off shore, you just might catch a glimpse of a bottle nosed porpoise.