Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Caracol come from?
Caracol is Spanish for “shell”.

Do we have to use a particular builder?
No, you can utilize the builder of your choice.

How soon do I have to build my home?
There is no time limit to build. But once you initiate construction, your home should be completed in full within 18 months.

Will there be an architectural theme for the community?
Yes, the architecture at Caracol reflects the most charming elements from coastal fishing villages throughout the South and the West Indies. Caracol has Design Guidelines in place so that homeowners may create a home to suit their needs and tastes while maintaining a cohesive look for the community. For a more complete review of Caracol’s style, please download our Design Guidelines

Are boat houses allowed?
Boat houses are allowed and encouraged on most lots with some exceptions (Please see the Design Guidelines for specifics). All exposed boat lifts must be “topless” to avoid obstructed views and a cluttered feel. We will happily provide you with more information on the design regulations of these lifts.

May we build our boat house before our residence?
Yes, as long as you provide driveways and parking with appropriate use of fencing or landscaping to provide screening. You will also need to provide irrigation and grass on the remaining undeveloped area of the lot.

What size boat can I dock at the house?
This depends on the size of the lot you purchase. For example, a 60-foot lot will accommodate a boat of approximately 50 feet in length. See your sales agent for specific information on particular lot sizes.

How far is Caracol from the Gulf?
The waves of the Gulf are approximately 4 miles from Caracol. The blue water for marlin fishing is only 55 miles from your back door at Caracol. Situated at the little jetties in Port O’Connor, Caracol offers a strategic location for accessing the Gulf waters with no excessive down-time idling through IWC no-wake zones.

What are the streets like at Caracol?
The streets are concrete with brick paver accents. All streets within Caracol are privately owned and maintained by the Homeowner’s Association.

Who provides utilities to Caracol?

  • Central water & sewer: Port O’Connor MUD
  • Underground power: Victoria Electric Cooperative
  • Phone service: Verizon
  • Internet service: TISD

Who will be responsible for the long term maintenance of the water, storm water, sanitary sewer, canal and bulkhead improvements?
The Port O’Connor Municipal Utility District will maintain these improvements which are within the boundaries of the Port O’Connor MUD Defined Area No. 1. The creation of this special district within the Port O’Connor MUD will ensure the long term maintenance of the facilities to their original design standards.

What are the specs on the canals?
The canals have varying widths ranging from 100′ to 135′. The depth ranges from 5′ to 8′ in the canals below mean sea level. The sides slope up to the bulkhead.

Will the pool be open to the public?
No, the pool is only for homeowners and the accompainied guests.

What are the height restrictions for the homes?
1, 2, & 3-story homes are all options at Caracol. However, building heights are restricted and will be governed by the Design Review Committee (DRC).

Will the view I see from my lot change?
Yes, this is just the beginning for Caracol and with the construction of more homes and future plans for mid-rise condo buildings, your view will change. However, the mission of the Design Guidelines and the Design Review Committee is to maintain the integrity and continuity of Caracol to provide an unparalleled look and sense of style for the community.

What does the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) do?

  • The HOA has the right to enforce the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions.
  • The HOA maintains the community common areas including gated entries, the pool facility, and other amenities, street lights, etc.
  • The HOA coordinates with homeowners during the submittal process to the Design Review Committee to ensure compliance with the Design Guidelines.

What are the HOA dues?
The annual assessment is $2,340 payable to the Caracol Community Association, Inc. Additional charges depend on the status of your lot. (Annual charges and the annual assessment rate are set annually.)

  • For a vacant lot there is an additional maintenance fee of $240.00 per year due annually. HOA will mow and trim your vacant lot.
  • HOA will now provide additional landscape services on a negotiated basis per the homeowners request.